Chimney stove pipe tips

A chimney stove pipe connects a fireplace to a chimney that assures a pathway for smoke and gases. You must choose a proper chimney pipe that can keep the smoke out of the house.


A prefabricated pipe is a custom pipe having the specific dimensions you need.

You just install it and you are done.

Do it yourself

  • The length of the pipe is important. There will be actually more than one pipe. Each pipe must overlap by about an inch. A 30 inch pipe will actually carry out 28 inches.
  • You will need to connect the pipes and then screw them in place. This way you will avoid leaks.
  • Choose an easy to install jointing system.
  • Connect the male-end of the pipe down, so that if creosote does appear in time, it won’t seep down from the pipe end. Installing the pipe the other way around is a common mistake.

Single and double wall

Single wall pipes are used when there’s a gap of at least 18″ between the combustibles and the chimney system. The double wall pipe is used if the gap is less than 18″. The double wall allows a clearance of 6″  from the wall and 8″ from the ceiling.


To avoid breaking the whole system down, be careful to choose a pipe that can withstand the right amount of heat.

Extra items

Having a thermometer attached to the stove with a magnet is a good way of telling if the stove is working safely or not. Also, a metal plate located in the damper can be installed and fitted with a handle, to prevent powerful flames from entering the stove pipe and igniting the creosote.

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