Chimney flashing installation tips

A chimney flashing is used to prevent leaks in the roof around the chimney. Installing this important piece of the roof is easy and doesn’t require a professional. There are a few mistakes commonly done.


Get all you need from building materials, to safety equipments and other.


To make sure you stay safe, don’t work on the roof if it has or is raining. This way you will avoid slipping off the roof and falling or getting struck by lightning.

Old flashing removal

If you wish to replace the flashing, leaks can occur. Although the old flashing may seem usable, it is not safe to reuse them.

Old shingle removal

To avoid leaks in the roof, replace any shingles that were attached to the roof.

Flashing installation

Make sure you don’t install the flashing under the roof shingles. Also, don’t nail the step flashing under the shingle until you have flattened it first.

Metal sheet bending

Only someone with experience can bend metal sheets the right way. Make sure you take the right measurements of the chimney and roof. Go to a metal fabricating shop along with the measurements and get your proper sheets.

Chimney saddle

Make sure the roof boards are safely secured before installing the chimney saddle. Also, make sure the metal sheet is properly built if you plant on installing a saddle wider than 3 feet.

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