Fireplace chimney opening

A faulty chimney that doesn’t let smoke exit through its top might is probably blocked. Before starting another fire in the fireplace, clean the chimney so that air can flow through it and smoke can exit the chimney.


  1. Using a brush, clean out the dust, dirt, debris and old firewood from the opening of the chimney.
    Dispose of the waste.
  2. Cover up the fireplace opening with heavy tarp. Seal the edges using tape.
  3. Get onto the roof and bring a brush with you. Clean the inner walls of the chimney using a up and down motion with the brush. Do so until the brush reaches the chimney bottom.
  4. Wait about a hour for the dust to settle before you you take off the fireplace covering.
  5. Take away the tarp and sweep the area of any debris. The most efficient way is using a vacuum to clean the fireplace. When you are done cleaning, you should be able to use the fireplace as it was meant to be used.
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