Stainless steel chimney maintenance tips

For cold days, a fireplace that has a stainless steel chimney is a very cost-effective heating method. The fireplace requires little cleaning, but the chimney on the other hand, will need constant maintenance.

Inspection and cleaning

The main concern when it comes to chimney maintenance is the buildup of creosote.

These buildups occur as fire burns in the fireplace, creating smoke and ashes. You must hire a professional to sweep the chimney and clean the creosote. How often this must be done depends on how often you use the fireplace. You can hire a professional to inspect the chimney and tell you if it requires cleaning or not.


Using the driest wood you can get is a good way of reducing the creosote buildups. Avoid using wet and green wood. Also, try using hard woods like oak, hickory or maple, as they burn with a very hot fire and a low amount of smoke.


The chimney liner is usually pre installed in the chimney. It helps retain more heat and has special features that don’t allow creosote to build as much as in a chimney without a liner. It also assures another protective layer between the fire and smoke and parts of the house.

Frequent maintenance is crucial to keep your chimney clean and safe.

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