Chimney flashing maintenance - Safety measures

When doing any work on a chimney flashing, you must pay attention to some safety measures, so that you don’t get hurt. Hiring a professional for the job isn’t always necessary.

Area inspection

Sometimes, electric cables, telephone cables or power lines can get in your way when you try to work on the chimney flashing.

Inspect the working area. If you see such cables, it is best you hire a professional to make your working area as safe as possible. Also, the spot where you will place the ladder must be inspected, especially if it recently rained.

Tools you need

You will need quite a few tools for any flashing maintenance, especially if you need to make any cuts. Depending on the chimney type you may need a pneumatic nail gun or a staple gun. Take everything you need up on the roof to avoid any unnecessary trips on the ladder. It’s best to have an assistant that can help you at need. If that isn’t possible, a cellphone may be your only solution in case of injury.

Safety harness

It is very important that you use a safety harness when working on the roof. A simple safety harness with a tool belt is less than $100. A full body safety harness can reach $500. Most of the time, it is a cost effective investment.


Wearing long sleeved pants and shirt can protect you from injury. Also, the temperature can be higher on the roof, so you need to wear non-slip rubber sole shoes. An old pair of sport shoes are good enough. Do not wear loose clothes, especially if you will use power tools.


Having an assistant to watch over you as you work and hold the ladder while you climb is very important. An assistant can also warn you of any danger that might occur.

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