Chimney cap repair

A chimney cap should be regularly cleaned and repaired if necessary. Keeping the chimney cap in good shape helps protect your chimney over time.


First of all you have to lay a tarp over the area where you will be working on for safety reasons.

This way you will avoid damaging the roof or any other part of the house.

Remove the cap

Using a hammer and chisel, break away the damaged cap or crown, careful not to damage the chimney flue. The broken pieces should be taken and put in a bucket.

Crown mixture

Mix the crown mixture in a wheelbarrow, using a hoe. Pour water into the mixture until it reaches the proper consistency and then add bonding agent.

Lay the cement

Take the cement on the roof and apply it on the chimney using a trowel. The mixture must be evenly spread around the flue. Be quick with this task because the cement will harden quickly.

Leave room

The flue must stick up over the crown about 2 inches. Be sure to leave that room.


To help water drain off more efficiently, you must shape the flue into a pyramid shape.

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