Building a chimney flashing

A very important part of the chimney is the chimney flashing. If you spot leaks, it is probably because of a faulty flashing.

Bending knowledge

Only someone who has done this before or a professional can bend the metal sheets with a bending brake.

Go to a shop that specializes in this operation and ask for assistance.

Types of bends

There are many types of bends. You will need to inform yourself on them.

Front base

Using a metal sheet 12 inches wider than you chimney, bend it so it matches the roof slope.

Pre-bent step

Also known as shingle tins, these 8 by 8 inch pieces need to be stepped together.

Front cap, side cap, back cap

The flashing cap is probably the most important piece of the project. It will prevent water from seeping in the chimney. Be sure to bend it at the right angle.

Roof slope

You need to find out the slope of the roof before bending the metal sheets. Use a level and two pieces of plywood or tough cardboard. Right “roof” on the base of the piece of chosen material. Draw a line on the material that is 1 foot away from the corner and then right “run” on it. measure another foot section on the “run” line. Use a square to draw a mark from the “run” line to the edge of the roof. This way, you will get the right dimensions and can start bending the metal sheets.

This task is surely not easy and can’t be done by most ordinary people. If you consider you cannot finish the job without any errors, you better hire a professional.

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