Bedroom decoration ideas for teenage girls

The bedroom is the most private space for a teenage girl. It does not represent only the place where she sleeps or spends her time after coming home from school, but it is also her refuge. If you plan to decorate your girl’s bedroom, make sure that it reflects her personality and tastes.

If necessary or you have doubts, ask her opinion before starting this job. This way you will avoid upsetting her and making her unhappy. Here are a few ideas that can help you make the right choices.

Choose the theme

 The first thing you need to do is to choose the theme of the room. It is advisable to ask your teenage girl’s opinion what she would prefer. If she loves listening to retro music, you can use this as a theme for the room. The furniture, accessories and all the other elements have to match this theme. If your girl has a childish personality, you can also choose different fantastic themes such as Alicein Wonderland, princesses, fairy tales, superheroes, cartoons and the like.

Paint the walls

 After you have chosen the right theme, it is time to decide upon the color of the walls. There is a variety of colors you can choose from for this purpose. Purple, sunny yellow, pastel shades and pink are very suitable colors to paint the walls of your girl’s bedroom. Another important thing when making your choice is the size of the room. Smaller bedrooms require lighter shades that can make the space look larger. You have many options if the room is big. Bright and vibrant colors can be used successfully in every large bedroom because they will add a touch of drama to the room. if you like bright colors a lot, but the bedroom is quite small, paint one wall in one of these colors and keep the rest of them light. For a more attractive and interesting look, paint different shapes and patterns on the walls.

 Pick up the furniture

 Another important element is the furniture. The bed, for example will look great if you add it a canopy or a sheer curtain. Add some comfortable chairs near the bed or a small sofa. If the space allows you, add both these elements mentioned before. Beanbags will work great if placed on her sitting area. Besides these pieces of furniture, a girl also need a study table to do her homework, a computer table chair, a dresser, closets, a side table and last, but not least a big mirror.

Suitable and practical accessories

The last thing you have to do to complement the room is to add accessories. Teenage girls love posters, lampshades, family photos, cuddly toys, paintings, flower vases, fancy rugs, storage cabinets for their CDs and DVDs, etc. Add all these accessories into your teenage girl’s room to make her happy. Use ceiling lightning, task lightning and accent lightning for a beautiful and nice atmosphere.

In addition, make sure that your girl has enough storage space to keep her stuff. Install closet-organizers and a chest of drawers to keep her clothes, shoes, books, reviews and magazines. She can also use the space under the bed to keep her things. Do not forget to keep a storage place for her laundry and a trash can.

These were some basic ideas to decorate the room of a teenage girl. Use your imagination and keep in mind your girl’s tastes and personality to create the bedroom of her dreams.

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