How to install a window air conditioner

Did you buy an air conditioner and it has to be installed? With the following steps, you can do this yourself, in less than one hour. Also, use the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation to be complete.
Now, make sure the setting is in place.

The unit has to be near an electrical outlet. For a window AC a double-hung window is perfect to receive it. Measure the opening and you will know if the unit fits.

Let’s begin with the first step. Drag the vacuum over the sill and channels of the window (you reach them by opening the bottom sash and taking off the window screen).

The devices come with accordion or sliding extensions that you have to attach, or have these pieces already installed. Prepare them for the next step.

You may have a model with mounting brackets. Place them as the instructions say. If not, it will be supported by the sill. To avoid condense build-up, the unit will stay in a downward slope in the outdoors.

After you are sure that the fasteners are well in place, move to the weather stripping foam. Most models have these. Install the one that goes beneath the unit. The other one will go in later.

It’s time to position the air conditioner in its place. Lift the unit (with help if needed) and put it on the sill or lock it on the brackets. The drainage hose – if there is one – goes to the outside.

The window sash has to be brought at a lower level in order to fit into the top unit channel. Open the accordion extensions and secure them to the jamb.

If there are holes or empty spaces in the opening, cover them with weather stripping for the inside and caulk for the outside.

Now, enjoy the cool breeze by plugging in the device.
Have a comfortable summer!

accordion or sliding extensions, air conditioner, double-hung window, downward slope, drainage hose, electrical outlet, mounting brackets, top unit channel, weather stripping foam, window sash