Steps to build a TV hutch

A TV hutch is a great place to store your DVD movies and game system and it will bring all your entertainment equipment together. Building one with your own hands is much cheaper than purchasing a special entertainment unit from a furniture store. In addition, you can customize your unit according to your room style.

What you need:     

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • 4 pieces 1-inch plywood, 20 by 34 inches
  • 4 hinges, 3 inches long with 1-inch screws
  • 2 pieces 1-by-2 board, 3 feet long
  • 2 pieces 1-inch plywood, 13 by 24 inches
  • 2-inch wood screws
  • 2 pieces 1-inch plywood, 20 by 60 inches
  • 1 piece plywood, 1-inch thick, 36 by 60 inches
  • 1-by-4 board, 3 feet long

How to do it:

  1. Take two 2—by-60-inch plywood pieces and put them on the floor. Mark three inches up from the bottom and 29 inches up from the bottom making horizontal lines across the width of the board.
  2. Put the two boards horizontally with the marked lines inside, keeping a 34-inch distance between them. Place a 20-by-34 inch board between the two long sideboards (it should stay on the 3-inch height). Fasten the board using four screws on every end. Insert the screws through the long sideboard into the end of the shelf.
  3. Take another 20-by-34 inch board and fasten it at the 29-0inch line on the two sideboards. Position another shelf board between two sides at the top and connect them with screws. Place and secure the last shelf at 29-inches height between the bottom and the middle shelf.
  4. Put the TV hutch horizontally with one open face of shelving upright. Cover the opening with the 36-by-60 inch piece of plywood to build the back panel. Insert screws every 8-inch along the edges.
  5. Turn the unit with the back panel down. Cover the 3-inch gap along the bottom by placing the 1-by4 inch board over the front side of the unit. Attach the board to the sideboards and edge of the shelf at the bottom of the unit with screws.
  6. Put a 1-by-2 inch board above the face edge of the top board and the shelf that is 29-inches away from the bottom. Let 2-inch width of these boards to hang over the shelf edge and 1 inch in the front side of the underneath of the shelves. Fix them with four screws.
  7. Build the doors from the 13-by-24-inch boards. Put them side-by-side allowing 30 inches of space open at the top. Use two hinges to attach the door to the sideboards of the hutch. Use 1-inch screws to secure the hinges and put the TV hutch in place.
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