Interesting bedroom ideas

After a hard and tensed day at work, when your nerves are down all you want is to go into you bedroom and relax. But, if this personal room is improperly decorated, you will feel more bad. Instead of feeling relaxed and tranquil while spending time into your bedroom, you will feel very uncomfortable.

That is why you should think very seriously about redecorating this room. Repainting the walls, changing the furniture and adding proper accessories will give your bedroom a completely new look. Read this article to discover some cool ideas that will make your private room a relaxing and tranquil oasis.

Do not try to make your bedroom look like a five star hotel room because it will not have a homey look. Try to decorate you bedroom the way you like, not like those pictures you see in magazines. Adding a personal touch to your bedroom is the most important thing you should take into account. Choose color schemes, furniture and accessories that reflect your tastes and personality.

 Cool master bedroom

Paint color

Many bedroom designs presented in magazines are sometimes too feminine or too masculine. If you plan to decorate the bedroom for a couple, make sure you avoid too feminine or too masculine designs. Instead, you can use neutral designs that will satisfy both members of the couple. The most important element when decorating a master bedroom is the color you choose. Make sure that it is suitable for a couple and that both of them like it. If you like very much pink or blue, use them for any them room in the house such as nursery or your personal space if you have one. For a master bedroom, choose colors like brown, green, black or a darker tone of blue. Use one of these colors to paint one wall in the room and keep the rest of them white for example. Make sure that this accent wall is not directly opposite to a window. Hang family paintings or photos on this accent wall. You can also place your bed or your flat TV against this wall if you want.


After you finish painting the walls, it is time to choose the furniture. The furniture style you choose depends on your aesthetic tastes. Opt for pieces of furniture made of steel, alley, chrome, steel or aluminum if you want to keep a minimalist look for your bedroom. Furniture made of wicker will also look great in a master bedroom; it will make the room look very earthy. No matter what you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable with all the elements in the room.


Now you have to choose your accessories to complement the room. This is the easiest job you have to do after you finis painting and installing suitable furniture. All you have to do is to customize your favorite accessories and put them in the right place. Of course, the accessories you pick up must match the style of the room. If for example your house has a Moroccan style, paint one wall in the room in an earthy tone and decorate it with an oval window with cane framing or install a frame of an ornate window for a fantastic look.

 Cool kid’s bedroom

Decorating the bedroom for a kid is a challenging task because children grow very fast and their tastes and personality change during time. And time passes very fast! That is why redecorating the room of your child is a necessary thing to do. If you do not want to do this job every two years, avoid using a certain theme to decorate the room of your kid because he may not be satisfied with it after a couple of years.

If you plan to decorate the bedroom for your boy, avoid using feminine colors like pink or lavender. Instead, use tones of green, blue, brown or yellow. Use pink, purple or red for a girl’s bedroom. You can also ask her the color she wants to have her bedroom painted in.

You can also try to use different textures and different color shades to decorate your kid’s bedroom. But the most important thing when decorating the room for your child is to provide enough storage places for him to keep is or her toys, books and other things in the room. This way the room will be tidier and organized. If the bedroom is shared, install bunk beds because they do not occupy a lot of space.

If you have a low budget, but you have to redecorate your bedroom, do not worry. Many cheap alternatives can make your bedroom look more attractive and cool. The main difference is that you have to make all these changes during time, one by one. You can also paint the walls with your own hands to save some money. Shops at flea markets are full with different furniture types that match your tastes. And the best thing is that you can find many beautiful and cheap pieces that will work with the style of the bedroom.

Redecorating your bedroom at low cost is not impossible. On the contrary, it is easy and funny if you do this job by yourself and you opt for cheap alternatives.

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