How to decorate a small bedroom

Many times, people do not afford to buy big houses because they are expensive. Consequently, they have to decide on smaller homes that provide small rooms. Owning a small bedroom is not a problem as long as you know how to decorate it.

The main idea is to avoid crowding the space with too many pieces of furniture or other accessories. More than that, you can make your small bedroom look larger if you use some decoration ideas we will mention in the following lines.

Colors to paint the walls

Before starting to decorate your bedroom, you have to decide on the colors you want to use for the walls. Always avoid dark color paint because it will make a small bedroom look really tiny and this is what you want to avoid. Dark colors work well to decorate big spaces. Instead, use neutral and light colors because they reflect the light and will make your bedroom look larger. Light blue, sea green, peach, lavender or eggshell yellow are a good choice for your purpose. Another idea is to paint the walls in pastel colors. Choose monochromatic color schemes to make your bedroom more interesting and spacious. If you want to decorate a small bedroom for a girl, soft pink will look very nice. You can also paint murals representing themes that you like such as underwater world, sports, nature, animals and the like. For the bedroom of a boy you can also paint murals having themes that reflect his likes and hobbies such as cars, superheroes, pirates, etc. for kids, you can utilize various themes such as cartoon characters, fairy-tales, racing cars, etc.

Practical furniture

Another important element you should take into account is furniture. Every piece of furniture must fit very well into your small bedroom without crowding the space. For example, you should always avoid large beds because they occupy too much space. Small furniture will make your bedroom look very nice and tranquil. Achieve a beautiful full-length wardrobe to avoid crowding the space. You can keep all your clothes, bed sheets, eiderdown and quilts in here. Choose every piece of furniture very attentively to avoid making your bedroom look smaller.

Suitable drapes and curtains

The curtains and drapes for a small bedroom also have to be chosen wisely. Achieve drapes that work with the colors of the walls to make your bedroom more attractive. As for the curtains, there are many types available on the market you can choose from. Net curtains, linen curtains or sheer curtains are available in many colors and tones. Choose curtains colored in green, robin egg blue, pale yellow or any other shooting color to complement the room.


Installing suitable lightning can be very helpful if you want to make your small bedroom look larger. Make sure that every corner of the room is illuminated, but avoid harsh lights. Instead, use soft lighting that can make your room look calm and relaxing. Opaque lampshades are not a good choice because they do not provide enough light. Instead, you can put a bedside lamp or reading light next to the bedposts. Also, do not forget to install lights into your closets. A good idea is to install fluorescent or white lights into your closets.

If you use these ideas to decorate your small bedroom, you will make your space look bigger and more interesting.

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