Attractive designs for bedrooms

If you plan to decorate a bedroom in your house there are a few things you should take into account. For example, the personality and tastes of the person living in that room matter a lot. Another important thing is the size of the bedroom.

Small bedrooms require certain colors and furniture styles that can make the room look larger. In addition, you can never use a childish design to decorate a master bedroom. In the following lines we will present you attractive design ideas for bedrooms.

 Master bedroom designs

Master bedrooms are usually the biggest rooms in any house. When decorating a master bedroom you should take into account the personality and tastes of the person who occupies the room. Master bedrooms have to look very calm and tranquil and at the same time to make its occupant feel very comfortable. Some of the most suitable colors for this room are lavender, green and blue. If you want to give the bedroom a youthful look, then buttery yellow, light tones of pastels, misty peach and delicate pink can also be used for this purpose. Neutral colors such as light tones of brown, can make a master bedroom look sober and lively at the same time.

The furniture in a master bedroom is also an important element you should consider. A double bed, dressing table, wardrobe, writing table and side tables should be installed in the room. You can also include some pieces of furniture on the terrace if the bedroom is attached to one. Make sure that the furniture you choose works well with the color of the walls.

Artificial light is as important as natural light. To make a master bedroom look brighter, add decorative lamps and spotlights. Decorate the walls in the room with attractive paintings, wall hangings or posters. To personalize the room, hang a collage of family photos on the walls; enclose them in a beautiful frame. You can also add potted plants that bear flowers from time to time to make your bedroom look very natural and beautiful.

 Kids bedroom designs

Usually, people use blue to decorate bedrooms for boys and pink for girls’ rooms. But this is not a rule. Children love many other interesting and beautiful colors such as red, green, beige, orange, purple and yellow. Use water based paint because the walls can be cleaned easily if your child writes or stains them. For girls, you can use different designs to decorate the walls such as birds, teddy bear, cloudy sky, fairies and geometrical shapes. Use wild animals theme, playhouse theme, images of reptiles, or sports cars theme for a boy’s room.

Another thing you have to do is to cover the flooring with carpet unless you have a wooden floor. Children usually need enough storage space to keep their books, toys, crafts, etc. For this purpose, you can install hanging shelves, freestanding bookcases and shelving. Also, a child should have a bed and a cupboard in their bedrooms. Use table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps for lighting. Do not forget about the curtains, drapes, pillows, area rugs, throw pillows and bed sheets. These accessories will make the room look warm and nice.

 Small bedroom designs

If you have a small bedroom, the main idea is to use colors and accessories that can make it look larger. Paint the walls in green or blue because they can make your bedroom look airy and spacious.  Paint that has a gloss finish will reflect the light very well, making the room larger and brighter.

As for the furniture, you must choose simple and compact pieces. Massive furniture will make your bedroom look crowded. Another important thing you should consider when decorating a small bedroom is proper storage. Practical pieces of furniture that provide enough space to keep your things are a great idea. Proper lighting can also make a small space look airy. Decorate the room with metal or glass items because these materials reflect the light. Also, put a mirror on a wall opposite to the window or a brighter bedroom.

These were some of the most interesting designs you can use to decorate a small bedroom, a master bedroom or the bedroom for a kid. Follow these simple ideas to give your bedroom a beautiful and comfortable look.

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