Whole fans - how they work

The use of a whole fan is best suited at any time of the day, besides noon, when the temperatures are the highest.

If you own a whole fan or want to buy one here are some advices on how to use it:

  • Don’t use at the same time both the fan and the AC. Turn the air conditioner off;
  • The fan and opened windows and doors make a good team.
    You don’t want to cycle in your home carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes from your appliances that work on burning gas;
  • The fan must work whilst there is no fire in the fireplace. The flame would not last due to the pressure of the air that would constantly change;

In order to be informed, here are some disadvantages of the whole fans:

  • They cannot lower the temperature inside the house. It will bring it to the level of the temperature outside;
  • If you want to dehumidify the air, chose an air conditioner;
  • The fan can bring pollen and dust into the breathing air of your home;
  • During winter time, the fans cause an energy loss, sending the heated air to the attic. The solution is a shutter or a cover for the apparatus.
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