About Portable Devices - Purifiers, Air Compressors And Coolers

Because of comfort, scientists have improved simple devices to make our life easier, so much so that they’re now almost addictive.

Portable air coolers nowadays are very convenient, using the principle of evaporative cooling – heat absorption by moisture evaporation. They are a very good alternative to air conditioning units as they are much cheaper, they’re low maintenance and help you save on electricity.

Air compressors are very valuable in a mechanical intervention so when having to work with paint guns, air chisels, blow molding tools, air bags, motors or wrenches a portable air compressor is what you need. This device works on the principle of increasing pressure by decreasing volume. When choosing one, make sure to keep in mind that 10% of the air is leaked so it’s better if you buy one that’s a bit oversized. You can get one at any store which sells automobile tools, priced between 30 and 50 $ for smaller versions which include many features and accessories.

Air purifiers are more and more popular because of the continually decreasing quality of air and while the smaller versions can be worn around the neck and help increase the life of sickly people or people with allergies, you can also choose to invest in a bigger model that can wipe off bacteria, pollen, dust and many others in the area of your house and improve the life of your family.

You can choose from ionizers, electronic models and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absolute). There are also models which use mixed technologies and are automated, so you don’t have to modify its program yourself when the level of pollutants in the air are higher.

While technology is constantly improving these devices, it is still imperative that we plant more trees and we take care of our health.

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