Keeping indoor air clean

Did you know you can improve the quality of your indoor air? There are a few actions to take, recommend by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). You have them listed below:

  1. For bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundry room chose outdoor ventilation. Install fans, both quiet and cost-efficient.
  2. If you own water heaters or furnaces that work with fossil fuel, use sealed combustion or power ventilation. If you use appliances that are naturally drafted, then ventilate them properly and keep them outside the living space.
  3. The garage is a place with contaminated air due to the gas coming out of the car’s engine. Don’t place furnaces, air conditioners or duct system in such a space or any other one that could deliver air contaminants into the living space.
  4. Because you need to reach your garage, install an automatic door closing system on the passage between the house and the garage.
  5. Reduce the circulation of contaminated air by applying weather-stripping around the edges of the doors.
  6. If you have ducts going through the garage or other polluted space, seal them very well. Outdoor air is very good, so bring it to them as much as possible.
  7. Do the ventilation of clothes dryers and central vacuum cleaners directly to the outdoor.
  8. A particle filter or an air cleaner will be well suited inside the system. It keeps dirt out of the air and off the components of the airing system. Be aware that you will have to replace when is overused.
  9. Flammable products such as paints, cleaners, solvents, pesticides must be stored out of the living space and away from air ventilation exits.
  10. Use rarely or avoid candles, indoor barbecues, vent-free heaters, cigarettes. They are unvented, flammable sources.
  11. Whilst the ventilation system is functioning, open the doors and window to let outdoor air come in. Don’t do this many times in a day and only at moments when outside are normal temperatures.
  12. Make sure your windows work and can be opened in every room. If you will clean or have hobby activities the windows need to be opened.
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