About trench drain systems

Trench drains are made of concrete and sometimes use metal or polymer liners. It is built within the floor and it’s used for draining any water or chemical spills.

Trench drains can be either foul water or surface water drainage systems.

Foul water is the water that comes out of the washing machines, bathrooms, kitchens and even from the area where you wash your car. Surface water is the water that flows from sewers.

If you plan on buying a new trench drain system, make sure to consult your local regulations. You may have to submit a working plan about the drain project.

Tips for installing a trench drain:

  • Don’t call off laying the pipes after you started digging.
  • Make sure the system is where it needs to be and works as it should
  • Support the sides of the trench with material so it doesn’t end up collapsing
  • Lay a thin sheet of concrete on the pipes to help protect them
  • Make sure you don’t have any debris or dirt at the trench base
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