Installing basement sinks

Not all basements are equipped with a drainage system. This can be a problem if you are planning on adding a laundry room or bar in your basement. Here are a few steps on how you can do it:


One easy way to create a drainage system is by installing an above-ground water pump.

This pump will be installed on the floor of your basement and it will evacuate the waste water. You will just need to connect the sink pipes, or washing machine pipes to it, connect it through some more piping to a drainage system and connect it to an outlet.

Outside drain lines

If your home has a drainage system that is placed under the basement floor level, then you can connect this one with the basement drainage. This involves a lot of work and the modifications should be done by a professional. You will need to remove large parts of the basement wall.

Basement sump pumps

You can also use an exterior sump pump or a storage tank with an ejector pump. These pump will evacuate the water to the existing drainage pipe lines. This is the perfect solution for basement bathrooms, because these systems can handle solid waste.

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