Ideas for garden flower beds

To get an insight on different gardening ideas, make sure to gather as much information as possible before planting a flower garden. Get advice from gardeners and nursery owners on the perfect plants for your garden and consult on the garden design . The main mistake people make when designing the garden is not to allow enough room for the plants, which impairs their growth.

Do not only take into consideration the above ground space necessary, but the underground space requirements as well. You should avoid planting fast growing species, as they can destroy other plants. If you still decide to have this type of plants in your garden, place them in specific areas and prune them on a regular basis.

One of the main steps in creating a flower bed is deciding on the layout of the garden. Create a top angle layout of the space you want to design in and point out the house, trees that cannot be relocated and other unmovable objects so you will be left with the area you can work with. If you are looking for precision in your design you can even measure the exact area for the layout.

Create different copies of the layout to try out the placement of the flower bushes, bushes for fencing and stand alone flowers and trees, as well as for the fences, benches or paths. This method will allow you to decide on a perfect design for either a small or large flower garden. Make sure to get a second opinion before deciding on the final plan.

Before staring to plant flowers or bushes, place the hardscape elements such as fences or pavings and walkways, benches for an outdoor sitting area and so forth. When installing these elements, stick to your layout plan.

You can opt for various hardscaping materials such as a brick wall, stone or concrete wall for a sidewalk, black colored metal fences or traditional white wooden fences and even a garden pool or water fountain.

Plant mostly native plants that have already adjusted to the soil and weather conditions and are thus easier to grow. Do not plant flowers in too many colors, as they might clash and choose both species that can be planted in the sun and in the shade.

Half of the plants should bloom in the summer and the rest during the fall, to benefit from beautiful flowers all year roud. If you want to cover a lot of ground, select plants that will grow at an even height of about one foot. Make sure to keep in mind the individual requirements of the plants.

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