Choosing Deer Resistant Shrubs For Your Garden

If deer fences and electrical fences still don’t keep the deer away from your beautiful and hard-worked garden or you simply want to go with the natural repellants then consider deer resistant shrubs.

With the decrease in natural predators, banning deer hunting and forest clearing, the deer population is increasing and in search of food they come to the residential areas. However, there are plants which deer don’t like, called deer resistant shrubs, which are toxic to them or have a smell which repels deer.

Among these we count the toxic leafed Dapne which, above keeping the deer away, has beautiful white flowers during spring and red ones during summer, the Juniper with needle foliage and attractive blue seed cones, the small and hardy Dianthus with dense foliage creating an evergreen mat and the Mugo Pine with prickly needle foliage.

There are plenty to choose from like the Foxglove, Silver Mound, Ornamental Chives, Bicolor Barrenwort and so on, so go with a species which grows well in your climate.

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