Ornamental Shrubs

The first step in landscaping is planning; it’s no different for plants. You need to know the approximate conditions you will have in various places of your garden, so note divide the area in parcels according to amount of sunlight received – full sunlight, partial or full shade. Decide where to make wind barriers and where you will have borders.

Some of the most popular shrubs for screening are conifers, as they come in various sizes and shapes, cocculus plants, the Agonis flexuosa ‘Burgundy’ which adds incredible colors to your garden and Viburnum which is easy to grow and provides color and fruits. As for hedges, there are many species to choose from like the pistacia lentiscus, liliacs and myrtus communis, but one of the most types is the Privet because it grows fast making excellent privacy hedges.

Establish where you want your focal points and, take it from us, flowering shrubs make the best focal points. If you have a particular colour in mind you might find the Rhododendron has it, as it comes in many beautiful colours. If you want something low maintenance Buckeye is for you or the Hydrangea, with flowers like pompons or flattened clusters of blooms. Do not forget the Forsythia which is one of the first to bloom bell shaped flowers in spring.

Based on these factors you can decide which species of bushes and shrubs to plant and where – if you want little to no problems, go with local species as they will adapt faster. Plant them and remember to add fertilizer and water according to their needs. Generally it is good if you keep mulching and pruning them whenever needed.

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