Choosing an Evergreen Shrub For Your Garden

Shrubs are smaller than trees and evergreen species bring color to your garden all year round. They are low maintenance and you can prune them in whatever shape you want. There are many such plants and luckily nature has provided us with species adaptable to all kinds of climate.

There are some which are very good as natural fences and others which are good groundcover. Choose a flowering one or a colorful one, with red, purple, orange or silver leaves, leaves which can also be needle-like or broad. Identifying them by flower is easy, it’s the leaves identification which is tricky, so let’s look at a few examples.

Viburnum is a popular evergreen shrub and it has large, wrinkled, green leaves.

For hedges and fences the most popular are Boxwood, with rounded or lanceolate leaves, and Nana Balsam Fir, with deep green needle leaves.

A groundcover is Pachysandra, with interesting leathery leaves. The Rhododendron bush is admired for its beautiful flowers and large, broad leaves. The Mountain Laurel is not to be disregarded either, with its dense green foliage, double layered flowers and undemanding nature (grows well in full sun or partial shade). The Oleander is poisonous, but it produces pink flowers and the Kurume Azalea produces house-in-house blossoms without bright sunlight.

The Japanese Yew is known for dense foliage and Spruces in general are very eye-catching and hide very well so you can use them around the house as groundcover.

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