Types of trellises

Your garden will be totally transformed if you add a trellis. It will look classier and more beautiful. There are different types that you can buy or build, the key is to visualize what you want.

You can choose a garden trellis. It can be placed on a garden wall. It supports vines, creeping plants and helps them to grow. The material can be wood, a mesh of wires or a strong string. Metal is not a good option because it will be heated by the sun and will affect the development of the plants. Also, you can have flowers like jasmines or orchids growing on the trellis. It would be an amazing arrangement.

Another type of trellis is the arbor one. It has many uses. It can beautify your garden, do a makeover for your home (depending on what you choose to build), be the first thing you see when you walk on a walking or at the entrance in the garden, be an adornment for the patio (and a natural air conditioner), divide zones in the green space. Plant breathtaking flowers to grow on the arbor trellis or different types of vines (grapes, tomatoes).

There is also copper trellis. It is one of the best ideas for such a decoration. They are stable, look amazing and have many purposes. Don’t go for a wrought iron trellis, go for the copper one. If you make it yourself you must know it is about soldering of pipes. Due to the color the cooper trellis will become one with the garden: the reddish initial color exposed to the sunlight becomes brown. Of course, you paint the installation in any color you want. Definitely, the roses will look astonishing as they grown on this type of trellis.

We encourage you to go out in the garden, visualize the trellis you will have and start making it or buy it!

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