Identifying Evergreen And Flowering Shrubs

A shrub is a dwarf tree with multiple stems and, like trees, they can be flowering shrubs, evergreen ones or both. Like all plants, shrubs have their needs too, so choose which to plant in your garden according to the soil and light conditions you can provide them with. Also keep in mind that broad leafed shrubs grow best in areas protected from harsh winds, cold temperatures and direct sunlight.

Evergreen shrubs are those that maintain their green leaves throughout the year, shedding a bit at a time, and because of this they are becoming more and more popular as landscaping plants, for screening and privacy purposes, or just plain ornamental purposes. Some are even used for medicinal purposes, like rosemary.

Most flowering shrubs are deciduous and attract birds, bees and butterflies, hence the term “butterfly gardens”. Pruning helps you maintain their shape and desired size and helps them produce healthy flowers.

All these shrubs can be found in a bonsai form as well, the miniaturized form kept indoors in a shallow pot. The Chinese have made an art from it, shaping the bonsai trunks into different animals, birds or dragons. If not, you can simply grow them in a pot, indoors, pruning them to keep to a smaller stature.

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