Timed irrigation systems

There are many advantages a timed irrigation systems. It helps you cut back on costs, it is very convenient and allows you to save time and it conserves water. It offers all you need to have a beautiful and healthy garden.

The timing of the irrigation system is set by the type of soil your grass grows on. If the soil when rolled in your hands stays in a tight ball it is clay. Sandy soil will not hold as tight as clay. While clay doesn’t let water seep in too easy, sandy soil allows quick drainage. Sandy soil doesn’t let the plant roots get enough water. Both types of soils require watering in short bursts and at timed intervals. The most economical and cheap way of watering the lawn is less in fall and spring and only in the morning. The system can also be used manually.

The cost of the irrigation system will be decided by the size and complexity of the system. The system components are the timer or controller, irrigation valves, underground piping, and sprinkler heads and must be installed by a professional. A well installed irrigation system will offer you all the benefits your yard needs.

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