Timed irrigation system advantages

A timed sprinkler irrigation system is easy to use and economic in both terms of water and money. Also, it assures you a a lush and healthy lawn. This timed system can function when you are on a vacation or just out of town.

The type of soil of the lawn will determine how often you need to irrigate. If you don’t know what type of soil it is, run this simple test to find out. Take a handful of soil from the lawn and roll it into a ball. If the ball doesn’t fall apart, then the soil is mostly clay, whilst if the ball falls apart quick, the spoil is sandy. Clay soil drains water slower. This means that you don’t have to water too fast and too much as the water will runoff. Sandy soil, drains water more easily, so the soil may not have enough time to absorb the proper amount of water.

To use up less water and save money, water less during autumn and spring and try watering only in the morning. Install a rain sensor, so the system doesn’t go on when it’s raining outside.

Depending on how large the lawn area is, the price for the irrigation system will vary. The system must contain a timer or controller, irrigation valves, underground piping, and sprinkler heads. A professional can install the system properly.

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