Irrigation system water pressure measurement

The water pressure the primary factor that contributes at the irrigation system efficiency. The pressure of the water will be higher at the source of the system than anywhere else. The transportation rate of the water is determined by the pressure of different areas.

You will need a pressure gauge that fits your system and a resistance tester for water content estimates in colloidal soil. First of all you need to find out which pressure level you must know. Visible problems with the system will be spotted because of pressure problems. If the supply of the system prevents issues, you  need to find out the pressure level along the whole system. For more accurate pressure level readings, a few pressure gauges connecting them to the system.


The side readings of the initial supply will determine the pressure of the water coming from the utility company. These readings can reveal major issues if done along the whole system.


Both sprinkler and electric irrigation systems work pretty much the same way. If the pipes are filled with water, the pressure is the same at any point of the system. Any modifications in the pressure mean, water is lost in that spot.


The pressure of the overall irrigation system may vary due to pipes and fittings. The pressure can also be reduced due to folding and compressing pipes.

Soil penetration

The pressure of within the soil is the one that must be measured because colloidal soil reacts differently than non-colloidal soil. Colloidal soil will increase the internal pressure and reduce the electrical resistance.

Plant water pressure

The pressure of the plant stems is very important. This can be checked only in a laboratory. When plants have a low water pressure, they wilt. Plants will surely give you a good hint if the irrigation system is malfunctioning.

Irrigation system pressures can be measured in many ways and offer you an important hint on how the system is functioning and if it is functioning properly.

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