Irrigation pipe installation

Installing an irrigation pipe in your yard is a great way of keeping your lawn healthy and preventing weeds from appearing. This irrigation system is very cost-effective and requires a few basic items and knowledge to complete.

Tools and materials

  • Trenching tool or shovel
  • Sprinklers
  • Elbows and end caps
  • Pipe Ts
  • PVC pipe, 1-inch diameter
  • Pipe glue or pipe cement
  • Hacksaw

Start off by measuring the yard and planning where each row of sprinkler will be positioned.

Measure the area that requires irrigation and divide the yard area by the area required by each sprinkler. Inform yourself about pressure of the water source. If it is too low, you may need to use a smaller pipe. Plan where to place the sprinklers and decide whether or not you will water each individual section of yard.

Moisten the area on which the system will lay. Dig a 6 inch deep trench starting from the water source. Level the bottom. Now you must install the pipe and sprinklers. Cut the PVC pipes the required length and and glue the sprinklers into place. Install the main valve to the water line after the glue dries. Install the sprinkler valve controller if you plan on using one. Lay down the pipe into the trench. Test the system and check for leaks. Make sure the pressure and water flow are in order.

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