Garden watering system

To assure a healthy garden,the proper amount of water must be supplied to the plants and crops at the right times. These systems can be simple or complex, manual or automatic.

Start off by measuring the area that requires irrigation.

A garden will need a lot less amount of water than a farm or a large crops garden. Next, find out how much water do the plants in that area. This way you will establish the irrigation system layout.

Go to a home improvement store and ask a professional on irrigation systems about the materials you will require for your system. Plan the project on paper and establish where the plumbing will be and where the main water source will be. If required, dig a freshwater well.

Next up you need to dig the irrigation trenches and install the system into the area. Connect the irrigation system to the main water supply and turn it on to check on it. Make sure every connection, joint hasn’t got any leaks or fissures. To cover up the optimum amount of space, regulate the water flow and the spray patterns.

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