Irrigating orchards

Irrigating an orchard may seem a hard task. This tree requires watering in hot summer months and in its growing season. You can either use sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system to complete this task.

If you settle on using a sprinkler system, you need to place an irrigation pipe between the orchard’s trees. If on the other hand, you will use a drip irrigation system, be sure to place the pipe 12 inches away from the tree.

Start off by attaching the emitters of the system you use. Use only one system. The sprinkler system has a more wider range and can cover a larger area than the drip irrigation system emitters. Attach the irrigation pipe to the garden spigot. Turn on the system and measure the amount of water it delivers. Use a rain catcher for the sprinkler system and a bucket for the drip irrigation system.

The orchard must be irrigated in such a way that the top 2 feet of soil retain moisture. Depending on the weather, you need to assure at least 1/2 inch of water daily. Increase the efficiency of the irrigation and reduce the amount of water that evaporates by watering early in the day.

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