Irrigation system - Homemade

Some homemade irrigation systems are probably not as expensive as those you buy in commerce but can be just as effective. Inspect the garden before starting a project.

Plastic jug system

The plastic jug irrigation system is perfect for container gardens and individual plants, assuring the right amount of water needed.

The water exists the jug and makes its way to the plant through two small holes at the bottom of the jug.

Bucket leak system

Another irrigation system uses a bucket with one or more holes in the bottom and plastic tubes sticking out of the holes. The holes should be at least 1 inch apart from one another.

Soaker hose system

For raised plant beds and large gardens, the soaker hose irrigation system is ideal. It allows water to soak deep in the ground thus avoiding leaves. You can use an old garden hose for this system. Just make small holes in the hose about 4-6 inches apart from one another. To increase the efficiency of the system, you need to wrap the hose in a lightweight cloth. This way the water will pool before soaking.

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