Garden irrigation types and tips

Because most home owners fancy having a vegetable garden, irrigation systems have always been very important. Nowadays, the sprinkler system and the more effective drip irrigation system are the most popular irrigation methods of all.

Drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system consists of emitters that have the soul purpose of delivering water to each individual plant.

You must estimate the type and number of plants you that need watering. These emitters are attached to a feeder that runs along the entire length of the plant bed. You can place each individual emitter at precisely the right spot.

Attach each feeder tube to the main header. Use a snap on T connector to connect the feeder to the header. Connect the header to a low pressure regulator. This device will regulate the water pressure to about 20-30 psi. Attach a timer to the regulator to turn the system on at the right moments.

Mount the timer on the outdoor water supply faucet and turn the water on. As a finishing touch, cover the plant bed with mulch. It will prevent weed growth and help not waste water.

Soaker hose system

Start off by unrolling the soaker hose. Lay it down the plant bed 2-3 inches away from each plant. Connect a garden hose to the soaker hose using the required connectors. Mount a 20 psi pressure regulator to the outdoor faucet. Connect a timer to the system if you wish. Cover the system with mulch.

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