The beneficial effects of far infrared saunas on chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome also called immune dysfunction syndrome or chronic fatigue has been a mystery for medical professionals and patients during a long time.  In the past, chronic fatigue syndrome was also called the “yuppie flu” because in 1984 many people started to present symptoms of this unusual disease. It is to be noticed that women were the most susceptible to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nowadays, researchers are still trying to find out what exactly causes chronic fatigue syndrome and what the right treatment to be applied is. Patients suffering from this health disorder usually present several unpleasant symptoms to take into account:

–          a continuous and mysterious chronic fatigue that has no logical explanation;

–          strange headaches;

–          memory disorders;

–          concentration problems;

–          muscles and joints pain;

–          tender lymph nodes in the armpits or neck;

–          Post-exertion malaise.

However, the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome vary in intensity from patient to patient.

Although the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are still disputed and unsure, some specialists believe that this disease may appear after an intestinal bug, a bout of glandular fever, hepatitis or a cold. Others think that the accumulation of toxins may cause chronic fatigue syndrome because toxins damage muscle metabolism, thus provoking muscle pain; Dr. R.A. sustains this theory.

On the other hand, Dr. S. Bushcer considers that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by pesticides and other polluting substances in the environment.

Dr. Stephen B. Edelson and Deborah Mitchell sustain that the real cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is represented by mitochondrial dysfunction which results from the negative effects of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals.

Patients having a high-level of mercury or lead within their cells are also predisposed to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many researchers have proved that far infrared saunas can help people suffering from this syndrome by reducing considerably digestive problems, muscle pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Regular far infrared sauna baths also help eliminating toxins and heavy metals through perspiration. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of a far infrared sauna is to make the bather sweat in order to help his or her body to get out the toxins.

Japanese researchers have proven that perspiration caused by far infrared saunas contains much more toxins than the perspiration caused by physical exercises.

To conclude, we can say that far infrared saunas are very beneficial for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, helping them to diminish the symptoms and treat this health disorder.

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