Hot tub health care

Hot tubs are known to help cure many illnesses and help you relax. Even so, there have been cases when bacteria, chlorine and water that is too hot can seriously affect your health.

About bacteria

Some bacteria can still survive the cleaning process of a tub by hiding in a motor and releasing back into the water after the cleaning is done.

The most common bacteria that can do so is the Legionnairers’ disease which is a type of pneumonia that can be contacted from public hot tubs or private ones, regardless if cleaning was done or not.

About chlorine

Even if chlorine is used in pools to kill off bacteria and germs, it affects the respiratory system and can cause death in a large dose. Even so, public pools are very unsafe without chlorine.


To avoid burns, especially in the case of children, that naturally have a more sensitive skin than adults, turn the water temperature down.

Overall, the hot tub is beneficial for your health. It helps with chronic illnesses and stress issues and calms the mind and body.

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