Outdoor sauna features

An outdoor sauna offers many relaxation opportunities. It also raises the value of the house. There are many features that can increase the overall feel of the sauna experience.

Essential accessories

There are a few very essential accessories for a sauna. The heater is the most essential of all. It can be made to fit a particular style. Wooden buckets and ladles are also essential pieces of decoration and utility. Thick large towels are recommended and give a more royal feel to the sauna. Regular towels can do to.

Other accessories

A clock to show how much time you spent in the sauna, a towel rack to hold the towels, a laundry basket for dirty towels, body brushes for skin exfoliation and robe hooks are all extra accessories that are great to have in a sauna.

Luxury items

You can add scents to the water that is poured on the coal will offer a pleasant aroma. Different scents can be used. Experiment as you wish. Having headrests is another feature that improves the comfort of the sauna. It also enhances the look.

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