Materials and designs for outdoor staircases

When you decide to build outdoor stairs for your house you need to take into account both their functional and aesthetic purpose. The most important thing is that your outdoor stairs should be safe. At the same time, their design is also important because they are the first element that strikes the eye of your guests.

In addition, the value of your property will increase considerably if you decide to sell it. In the following lines we will present you several ideas for building and decorating your outdoor stairs.


The right design of your outdoor stairs depends mostly on the purpose they serve for. If you plan to use them for a decorative purpose to embellish your garden there are a variety of designs suitable for this purpose. You can choose from multiple materials such as wrought iron, wood, metal, bricks or stones. It is to be noticed that the most popular material used for outdoor stairs is wood.

If you have a low budget and you need a cheaper option to construct your outdoor stairs, you can pick up bricks. On the other hand, stone is the most durable material and it gives a natural aspect to outdoor stairs.

The most important thing to take into consideration before starting your project is the safety of the stairs. Legal norms require that all the outdoor stairs treads should have the same depth and the riser should be of equal height. Any mistake can be dangerous because accidents may occur. Usually, the risers of the outdoor stairs do not exceed eight inches in height and the tread must be about ten inches deep. The safety of the railings is also important when building your outdoor stairs.

If you want to build outdoor stairs in front of your house, keep in mind that their design should fit with the design of the house. Wooden stairs and railing are suitable for houses in a cottage style. Do not polish the wood to much if you want to give your house a rugged look. The stairs made of brick and cement will make them look large and impressive and they will make the space look larger.

River stones are the most suitable if you plan to build outdoor stairs for a landscaped garden. The advantage of using river stones is that they can be arranged in many different ways and they are very easy to maintain. As compared to wooden stairs which rot, you will never have this problem if you use stones for your outdoor stairs. Spiral stairs are the best solution if your space is quite small. The best materials you can use to build outdoor spiral stairs are metal or wood. If you want an easy way to build stairs, achieve pre-fabricated elements.

Whatever you decide, remember that the safety of your outdoor stairs is as important as their design.

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