Instructions to build deck stairs

Building deck stairs is a challenging job, which requires patience and some free time. If you want to build deck stairs, you first need to make a detailed plan. There are a few things you should take into consideration when building stairs such as their design, dimension and the most important, their safety.

 Building deck stairs

Constructing deck stairs outside is quite easy if you read the instructions presented in this article and follow them systematically. If the height of the deck is eight inches, you need to build only one step. But if there is a bigger distance between the deck and the ground level, you have to construct several steps and attach them to the stringers. Stringers are usually connected to the deck with the help of deck joists place at the upper part. They are made of 2×12 inches boards and represent a part of the tow of the stairs.

 Materials and tools

  • saw
  •  hammer
  • timber
  • measuring tape
  • cordless drill


  1.  The first thing you need to do is to find out the distance from the ground to the deck, or the height of the staircase. To find out the number of steps you have to build divide the height of the deck with 7 inches. Make sure that the width of teach stair is big enough. The total height of the staircase is 14inches. As a result you have to build two stairs. The thickness of the decking should also be taken into account when building deck stairs.
  2. Now you need to decide the exact area where you plan to build the stairs. More than that, you have to find out the length and the height of the stairs.
  3. Cut out the stringer with a saw. After you put the stringer in place, make sure that it fits perfectly. Mark the other stringers using the stringer you have build and cut it out.
  4. Keeping in mind the width of the staircase, install the stringers. Make sure that the fixed bottom of the stringer is placed on a cement footing to keep it stable. Achieve a ready-made cement slab from a nearby timber place.
  5. It is time to launch the steps to the stringers, making sure that there is the same distance between each step.
  6. Cut the steps to the established dimensions and connect them with the stringers using galvanized screws for deck.

Even if your calculations fail the first time, do not give up. Even professionals can make mistakes when building deck stairs. Be patient and try again. You will succeed building deck stairs with your own hands after a few trials.

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