Staircase structure

A well-designed staircase will always strike the eye of your guests. Adding a trim molding will give your staircase an elegant look and will improve the aspect of your interior space. Even a simple staircase can turn into a fascinating decorative piece if you use ornamental railings, stair edging, posts, stair treads and stair trim molding shapes.

Trim molding is usually made of solid or composite wood and it is used to decorate walls, floors, ceilings and the structure of the staircases. The main purpose of using trim molding is to decorate a structure, but it is also added to hide imperfections. One can install trim molding to the base of the staircase and along the wall (if it has the same height as the stair railings).

When choosing the design for the stair trim molding you have to take into account the style of the surrounding space and staircase. Also, the material utilized to build the steps and railings is also important before choosing a type of trim molding for your staircase. When installing trim molding, make sure it works well with the main structure design of the staircase; otherwise, the result will not be what you want.

Another important thing to take into account is the available amount of money for your project. If you want to use hardwood and obtain a high-quality finish, the project will be quite expensive. However, there are also cheaper options such as composite wood or polymer resin. The advantage of using polymer resin is that you can paint it in a nice color in order to work with the rest of the walls.

Adding trim molding to the base of your staircase will improve the existing design. For example, wooden half trim is the best choice if the railings of your staircase are made of wood. Utilize a type of wood that is paint-grade or high-quality wood that is stain-grade.

You can also customize your stair trim molding if you want. For example, you can pick up a white base trim or cherry red trim if the steps are made of wood and have a cherry shade and the decorative border is white. For a professional result, you can add ornamental patterns if the trim molding has the same height as the railings.

Installing trim molding to the staircase while you renovate your house is a good idea. If your budget allows you, try to use only high-quality materials because they are durable and more beautiful.

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