Chimney damper advantages

A chimney damper is used to keep the hot air resulted after burning fuel in the fireplace, inside the home, even when the fireplace isn’t used. Some chimney dampers adjust depending on the role they have to fulfill. Some dampers have rubber around their perimeter for a tight seal.

Wildlife issues

Having a chimney damper will significantly reduce the threat presented by small animals. With a damper, animals are no loner able to enter the chimney, and birds cannot nest on the chimney top.

Air conditioning costs

Having a chimney damper means that you won’t pay as much for heating and cooling the house. The damper can act like an air block, stopping hot air coming from the fireplace to raise up the chimney. Instead, the hot air remains in the house, even when the fireplace isn’t being used.

Efficient fires

An open damper will let air from outside enter the chimney and the fireplace, feeding the fire and making it bigger with less fuel needed. When the fire has reached a proper state, you can close the damper, to trap air in the chimney and create a continuous air circulation through the fireplace.

Smoke issues

A chimney damper allows better control over the smoke that leaves the fireplace and goes up the chimney.

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