About wood stove chimneys

A wood stove chimney is a good way keeping the house heated and pleasant. There are some things you must take into consideration when using such a stove.


Excessive smoke can be caused by a few factors.

Burning green wood, humid wood or poor chimney draft. To avoid this smoke issue you should use seasoned and dry wood. Simple repairs like installing a damper, will assure the chimney’s efficiency.


Creosote is a byproduct resulted when burning wood in a stove. In time, creosote can buildup in the chimney and cause fires. To avoid this, do not use green or wet wood and try using smaller quantities of wood to light the fire.


Keeping furniture close to the hearth area is not recommended when using the stove. Also, any fuel should be kept at least 3-4 feet away from the fire.

Fireplace screen

It is highly recommended you have a fireplace screen, to prevent sparks from shooting out of the fireplace and igniting the furniture, floor or any other thing in the area.

Lighting accelerants

If you have problems starting a fire in the stove, you shouldn’t use lighter fluids to help boost the ignition. Instead, use starter gels or fat wood because they are much safer. Using starter fluids can cause uncontrollable fires or even explosions.

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