Stainless steel chimney liner dangers

Fire in the chimney structure

A chimney fire is a common issue which occurs because gasses inside the chimney ignite the creosote buildups on the chimney walls. These buildups are resulted from the byproducts eliminated when wood is burned. Make sure yo clean your chimney regularly in order to keep the chimney safe.

Another common issue is represented by the chimney liner. In time, because of heat, wear and tear, the liner will change it’s molecular structure and become highly flammable. This is why you must inspect your chimney liner early or at least once every two years. The liner will need to be replaced every 5-7 years. Even small signs of damage must concern you.

Faulty venting

It is crucial that the chimney liner is properly installed in order to properly vent out the carbon monoxide resulted after burning wood and other materials in the fireplace. Inadequate installation results in buildups of carbon monoxide which can lead to breathing problems and even death.

Other issues like a blocked chimney, a liner with holes in it, a crumbling masonry or even a nest of birds on top of the chimney can lead to fire hazards. Make sure to check your chimney regularly in order to avoid such problems.

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