Chimney brushing

It is very important to brush your chimney at least once or twice a year, to avoid build-up of byproducts like creosote. These buildups increase the risks of fire hazards, metal warping or liner cracks. Brushing the chimney is a mandatory task.


  1. Remove the damper plate at the bottom of the chimney, taking the pins out.
  2. Cover the fireplace opening with drop cloth and open the chimney clean out if you have one.
  3. Take a brush and a flashlight and get on the roof.
  4. Brush the inner walls of the chimney with a up and down movement. Use the flashlight to check if you are making progress and check for any signs of damage. If you see such signs, you need to fix the issues before using the fireplace again.
  5. Remove the drop cloth off the fireplace opening. Use a vacuum to clean the chimney smoke shelf, that can be found at the very bottom of the chimney.


  • Creosote buildups can be reduced using dry wood as fuel.
  • You better have someone assist you while you work.
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