Upsides and downsides of chimney flashing kits

A chimney flashing is used to keep you home free of leaks. It is basically formed of pieces of metal sheets of certain dimensions, that protect the area around the chimney making it waterproof. If you want to install a chimney flashing you just have to go to the local home improvement shop and buy the right tools and materials.

You may also consider the idea of buying a flashing kit, which has all the things you will need to successfully install the chimney flashing.

Upsides of flashing kits

You will surely find the right kit that will suit your chimney and it will contain everything you need for the job. You don’t have to cut the metal sheets to the right dimensions.

Downsides of flashing kits

The chimney flashing components don’t always perfectly fit to your chimney, so you may have to use metal snips to make things right. Kits usually don’t contain the drill bits you need to install the flashing.

Overall kits are a good way to being the project but still require work.

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