About chimney flashing leaks

To avoid leaks in your house’s roof, a chimney flashing is placed between the roof and chimney. This watertight joint will not allow any moisture to enter though the roof.

Worn chimney flashing

A chimney flashing will eventually worn out and leaks will surely appear.

Because of rain and heat it may rust, becoming unreliable and inefficient. Using a water hose, test if the flashing has leaks. The hose must be low-pressured. If water exists through the fireplace or furnace, you need to replace the chimney flashing.

Faulty flashing installation

Flashing leaks can also occur because of faulty installation. It may look alright to you, but small gaps between the flashing and chimney are enough to cause leaks.

Flashing cracks

Chimney flashing leaks can be caused by cracks in the chimney itself. Faulty construction can cause undetected leaks. The chimney may look solid on the outside, but that doesn’t mean leaks can’t occur.

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