How to decorate bedrooms

Are you bored with your bedroom and you want to give it a new look? Do you want to add it some spice and make it look more interesting and attractive? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. The bedroom is the place where people sleep, get dressed, read, watch TV, etc. in a few words, it is the most important room in any house.

That it is why it needs proper decoration. When decorating your bedroom, make sure you choose the right color scheme, furniture and lighting. At the same time, it should be a reflection of your tastes and personality. A bedroom should be very comfortable and attractive at the same time. Let us see how one can choose the right color scheme, furniture and lighting to decorate his or her bedroom

Color schemes for bedrooms

Colors can affect your moods in many different ways, that is why choosing the right color scheme is an important thing you should focus on. At the same time, make sure you do not convert your room into a boring and uninteresting space using improper color combinations.

Cool color scheme for bedrooms

Cool colors like blue, green, white and purple can make any bedroom look very cozy and attractive. But, this does not mean that you have to use only one of these colors to paint the walls in the room. For example, paint three walls around the bed in a nice shade of cream and the remaining one in a cool color like purple, blue or green. Use one of these colors to paint the wall at the head of the bed to avoid tiring your eyes.

Vibrant color schemes for bedrooms

If you like vibrant colors you can use red, purple and even fuchsia to paint the walls in your bedroom. Cover the wall behind the bed with a wallpaper colored in fuchsia and keep the rest of the walls pale pink, red or white and pale pearl. To make the bedroom look warmer, paint three of the walls in brown, pale cream or beige.

Classic color schemes for bedrooms

If vibrant colors are not proper for you, choose classic tones because they are very nice and always fashionable. One of the most popular classy combination is ivory white and a golden touch or gray and ebony black.  These color schemes are very classy and stylish. Paint the walls in one of these color combinations at your choice and go for golden and silver pies of furniture, curtains and other accessories.

Bedroom furniture styles

 Classic European

Classic European style furniture is a reflection of richness and sophistication. If you have chosen a classic color scheme, this furniture style is the best choice for you. Just add a golden touch to complement the room. Paint the walls in gray and white and cover the wall behind the bed with printed wallpaper colored in gray and having some golden patterns. Choose a French bed that includes two side tables colored in dark brown. Install a golden side lamp and add a small couch and one love-seat made of dark-colored wood with golden designs. This bedroom style and pieces of furniture are proper only for large spaces.  Classic European style furniture can also work with vibrant color scheme, if you choose the right design.

 Urban functional furniture

If you live in a small house such as an apartment or a condo, urban functional furniture is the right choice for you. This furniture style is suitable for any color scheme you want to choose for your bedroom. The best thing about urban functional furniture style is that it does not occupy too much space, it provides enough storage space to keep your things. More than that, you can find many different designs and shapes you can choose from. One of the most attractive characteristics of this furniture style is the sufficient storage space it provides. Maybe that is why it is so popular. Paint one wall in fuchsia and keep the rest of them in white. Buy a big fuchsia chair or curtains and install them into your bedroom. They will work great with your urban functional furniture.


Another important element you should keep in mind when decorating a bedroom is the lighting. Proper lighting can make any room look very attractive and warm, while inappropriate lighting can create a disastrous effect. If you have a cool bedroom install pale white, light yellow and cream lights. If you have an accent wall into your room choose yellow picture lights or spots on that wall to complement the look. For a more comfortable aspect, add a nice lampshade on one of the bedside tables. For a touch of drama, you can set up linear lights or neon below the bed. These linear lights can also be installed under the POP ceiling.

Ideas to decorate bedrooms

Although you have chosen the best furniture style and the proper color scheme to decorate your bedroom, you can still make the room more attractive. All the other accessories play an important role in giving your bedroom a perfect finish. Follow these bedroom decoration ideas in the following lines to make your room look like a small paradise.

Combine vintage furniture with intricately carved mirror and 70’s style wickerwork for a gorgeous bedroom. Add elegant bed sheets made of silk with lace, feather and fringes.

If you want to give your bedroom a romantic look, choose a color scheme made of different tone of cream and pale white with off white. Every accessory in your bedroom should be in a different tone of off-white and cream to create the most romantic look.

If you have chosen a classic color scheme and you have installed furniture in European style, complement the look with a very big and classy chandelier. Choose golden linen and lace curtains made of silk for a sophisticated touch. For an outdoorsy bedroom, combine peach, light blue and white tones to decorate it. Install a huge mirror on one of the walls in order to let natural light reflect inside the entire room. If you want a simple look, pick up a very big floor lamp-shade and place it in one corner of your bedroom.

Try one of these great ideas to transform your bedroom into a small paradise.

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