How to decorate a guest bedroom

Although you may not have guests very often, when they come to visit you and want to stay over night, you need to have a room where they can sleep. Decorating a guest bedroom is not a difficult task to accomplish. The main idea is to choose the right color scheme and furniture in order to make the room welcoming and pleasant.

In the following lines, we will present you several ideas to make your guests feel like home in the bedroom you have prepared for them.

Guest bedroom ideas

The first thing you need to do is to ensure yourself that the bedroom looks very welcoming and warm. In addition, the room should have its own bathroom, closets and suitable beds. Avoid installing a single-person bed because you may have a family staying over night and they will have no place to sleep. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, achieve a double bed.

Make sure that the closets are big enough to keep their clothes and shoes safe and clean. Also, add several hangers for their coats or dresses. To provide more storage space for your guests’ items, add a chest or a side table. Decorate the room with a modern clock, a bunch of flowers and a table lamp for a more welcoming atmosphere. To make your guests feel good, install a storage place to put some books and CDs or DVDs. This way your guests will not get bored. Choose a room that is close to the kitchen and the main door to use it as a bedroom for your guests.

If the bedroom for your guests is big enough, add a television set and a pair of headphones. This way they can watch TV all night long without disturbing the other people in the house.  If you want to make the bedroom for guests more attractive and comfortable, you can choose different themes and colors to decorate it. The main idea is to keep this room simple and nice because usually guests do not stay for a long time into your house.

Guest bedroom themes

French country style

The easiest way to create a French country style into the guest bedroom is to paint it in vibrant colors such as golden yellow, red, deep blue or intense green. Add a few vases with colorful flowers for a touch of brightness and style. French country style allows you to experiment different color schemes and prints in fabrics to decorate a room. Achieve antique pieces of furniture or furniture that looks old and polish it with a light color. Brown or white are the most suitable colors for this purpose. Your guests will like their bedroom for sure.

Cottage design

If you have a couple who pays you visits, decorate their bedroom in a cottage style. This style is proper for couples because it is romantic and enchanting and it will make your guests feel like heaven. Use light shades such as orange, dusty pink, mauve, yellow or green to paint the walls and make the room look very bright. Install wooden furniture and flooring to work with this style. In addition, decorate the room with different accessories like ceramic vases with flowers, various textures of wall paint or printed wallpapers. In order to make the room more comfortable, add thick rugs, beautiful floral fabrics and chairs with heavy tapestry.

Tuscan style

Tuscan style is inspired from nature and many people believe that it is one of the most charming and welcoming style used to decorate a bedroom. In order to create this style into your guest’s bedroom, choose bright or rustic color schemes. For example, you can paint the walls in red, yellow, lavender or orange or you can use a texture you like for this purpose. Install dark brown wooden clay or tiles for the flooring. To make the space look more rustic, add indirect yellow lighting.

Every time your guests pay you a visit they need to feel welcoming and comfortable while spending time into your house. That it is why decorating their bedroom in the right way will make your guests feel very welcoming and relaxed.

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