How to decorate your bedroom in a bohemian style

The term bohemian comes from a historical region in central Europe calledBohemiaand has always been associated with plenty of colors and whatever means nonconformist. This is because the citizens ofBohemiadid not agree with the strict rules of their society. Nowadays, bohemian refers to those people who do not respect rules and have their own style and beliefs.

If you are one of these people, apply your rules to create a bohemian style for your bedroom. The best thing when doing this thing is that you can let your imagination free and use your creativity to bring to life any unconventional idea you have. In addition, this project can be very funny and cheap. Bohemian style is characterized mainly by bold colors. So use them to paint the walls or for the other elements in the room. It is not a rule when it comes to colors. You can use what hues you want and they do not have to match. This is what bohemian style means when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

Bohemian style for your bedroom

To create an authentic bohemian style for your bedroom, use bright and deep colors for the walls. Bright blue, red, orange and hot pink will look great on your walls. To make your bedroom more attractive, paint one wall in a different color or decorate it with vibrant textured or colored wallpaper. You can also decorate the walls by pasting faux jewels and cover them in glitter. To add more color, hang mosaic artwork made of colorful tapestries on the walls. Another accessory you should take into account is the linen. Again, you have to use bright colors for your bed sheets and cover. You can pick up a color that is opposite to that of the walls.  The pillows and their covers need to have a rich color. Patchwork quilts and silk carves are also great ideas you can use in your bedroom. As for the flooring, cover it with rugs representing different geometric shapes. Instead of traditional chairs use ottomans or Moroccan poufs because they look very bohemian.

Another idea is to decorate the canopy of your bed with tassels. Colorful beads stringed together will also look very gypsy for this purpose. Colorful ribbons and sheer silk can also be used to decorate the covers and the canopy of your bed. Install a mosquito net over the canopy or on the walls.

Achieve many spiced accessories and place them all over the room. You can find a large variety in flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and antiques shops.  And the best thing is that they are not expensive at all. Pick up exotic lampshades, statues, wall hangings, trinkets, candelabras, art pieces, old lanterns, nice pottery, wooden sculptures, etc. Arrange them on your headboard and everywhere you like. Keep your stuffed toys amongst the pillows on your bed.

If you love music, decorate your walls with posters for a retro look. Use any old piece of furniture you have put away. Just clean it before and decorate it with different ornaments.

Get some vases made of colorful glass and fill them with natural or silk flowers. They will look great! Decorate the room with different sculptures and busts.

Do not install harsh light because it is not suitable for this style. Instead, use soft and nice lights into your bedroom. One bohemian element you can use for lighting is a crystal chandelier decked with a chain of beads or sequined fabric.

When decorating your bedroom in a bohemian style, avoid using neutral colors or minimalist art because they do not fit. Instead, use as many accessories as possible. Vibrant and bright colors are the best choice you can make for a bohemian style bedroom.

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