Decoration tips. Bedrooms for boys

The bedroom is a refuge where we can be alone every time we want and need. It is a private space that we all love and like. Bedrooms are important spaces not just for parents, but also for their kids.

Children and especially boys are very attached to their room because it represents their “shelter” where they play computer games, read or listen to music. That is why decorating the room for a boy is an important task that needs all your attention. We do not have to mention that pink is not a suitable color to paint the walls in your son’s bedroom. This is obvious! However, many other masculine colors can be used for this purpose. Let us see some of them.

The first thing you should take into account when decorating the room for a boy is the color scheme. If your boy is already a teenager, find out what is his favorite color and use it for this purpose. You can use different shades of the same color for a more interesting look. If our boys like dark colors you can use one, but only for one wall; otherwise, the room will look small and overwhelming. Wallpapers are a good option also.

After you finish paining the walls, it is time to think about the furniture. Usually, boys need a lot of storage space so make sure you pick up multi-functional pieces of furniture that do not occupy too much space. Cluttering the room is a bad option. As for the color, choose white, cream or any earthy light shade.

Finally yet importantly, concentrate on lighting. The amount of natural light that gets into your boy’s room is very important if you want to make the space look airy and large. You also have to install several electric lights; subtle lights are a good idea to make the room look welcoming and warm.

If you want a certain theme for your boy’s room, here are a few tips that could help you make your choice. Boys of all ages have always been in loved with armed forces and airplanes. You can use one of these passions as a theme for your boy’s room. Another interesting theme is jungle. If your boy is a teenager, you can pick up outer space and decorate the bedroom accordingly. Teenage boys also like music, sports, outer space, cars, ships and the like. Ask your boy which one he likes more and use it to decorate his room.

After you have chosen the theme, you have to consider the linen. They have to be made of high quality materials that do not stain easily because boys are some kind of negligent and neglectful sometimes. You can pick up linen representing the theme you have chosen for the room.

When decorating the room for a boy, make sure you avoid using feminine colors and decorative pieces because they will hate them for sure. Concentrate on their tastes and personality and make your choices accordingly. Asking your boy’s opinion would be a good idea if you want to make him happy.

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