Decorating bedrooms for girls

Girls are very excited when it comes to redecorate their bedrooms, because these rooms are the most important places for them. Besides the fact that a bedroom represents the place where a girl sleeps, it is also her personal heaven where she spends most of her free time after a long day at school or kindergarten. Redecorating a girl’s bedroom can be a funny job especially if you consider her opinion when choosing the right color scheme, furniture and accessories.

For the theme, you can inspire from her hobbies and likes and then decorate the room accordingly. Here are some attractive ideas for you.

Dancing ballerina

If your girl loves dancing, you can use this hobby as a theme to decorate her bedroom. Besides the fact that it is very easy to apply this theme for her room, your girl will be very excited. Create her own ballet studio by covering one wall with mirrors and painting the walls in pink. She also needs a barre for dancing so install one inside the room. Decorate the walls with a pair of ballet shoes and buy a bed skirt made of netting material colored in pink. Add pink and cream bedding to complement the room.

Sunny beach

Who does not love beach? Everyone does, especially your teenage girl. To make her room look like a sunny beach, use colors that make you think about sand and water. You can paint a beach landscape on one of the walls in her bedroom for a more interesting look. Decorate the walls with appliqués like surfboards or hibiscus flowers. Choose curtains and bed sheeting that match and accentuate the beach theme. Decorate the window valances, the dressers and the desk with fringes made of raffia for a Hawaiian hula aspect. Use party lights in the shape of shells to decorate the window valance or the headboard.

Around the world

Many girls like to travel and see many different places. If your girl is one of them, use that as a theme for her bedroom. First, ask her what places she would like to visit and try to reproduce it. You can even make the room look like a tour around the world, if she loves several places.

Color her life

Colors play an important role for any girl when choosing her shoes, clothes and the paint for their bedrooms. Combine her favorite color with a complementary one for a touch of personality. Instead of using only one color for the walls, you can use another color to design polka dots or any other patterns and decorative borders at the top of the walls. Make a private reading nook for her in one corner of the room. Cover that place with a feminine and sophisticated bower. Do not forget to add many cushioned pillows and a white shag carpet to complement the room.

Following these decoration ideas can make any room for girls look like a personal heaven. Just use your imagination and go for it!

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