Installing drainage pipes

When installing a drainage pipe the most important thing to have in mind is that the pipe must travel from a high spot to a low one to avoid pooling. It is a hard task unless you can use some machinery.

Deciding the pipe route

The pipe must travel along all areas with drainage problems but must remain as direct as possible.

Deciding on the pipe

Pipes come in different sizes and lengths. If you want to take water from one place and take it to another you will need a closed pipe that can be ordered as long as necessary. If you want to drain an area, you must use opened pipes. These pipes come in short sections and have holes along their length.

Dig a trench

The pipe must be installed in a trench. It must be dug along the path decided earlier. It must be 8 to 10 inches wide and 18 inches deep. Make sure you dig a firm base for the trench to make it as effective as possible, always sloping down in the direction you want it.

Fill the trench

Fill up the trench with a few inches of gravel and then level it. If you are using an open pipe, cover it with filter fabric before filling the trench with gravel.

Install the pipes

Closed pipes are easy to install, because they come in reels and can be simply unrolled into the trench. Open pipes on the other hand must be carefully laid down on the bottom of the trench and must be wrapped in filter fabric as it is installed. The fabric will keep away any debris and prevent the pipe from clogging.

Re-fill the trench

After putting the pipes in the right position into the trench, you must fill it up carefully not to disturb the already installed pipes or the filter fabric.

Sod replacing

For a more appealing finish, replace the sod that you cut when you dug the trench. If you have any doubts about your drainage trench, it is best you call a professional.

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